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Westernhagen  is a son of our  SPS Lady Larissa

generations of State Premium mares tracing back to Hanover`s flagship dynasty of Silbersage.


      Weltmeyer x Landadel x Calypso II x Graphit x Gotthard

     Hanoverian licensed stallion

     winner at the stallion test  138 Points


                                                             - sold to Southafrica -







  HLP - Winner 138 Punkte ; Dressage 128 Points, Jumping 143 Points



                            Westernhagen´s dam SPS Lady Larissa



SPS Lady Larissa


SPS Lady Larissa









Western Lady

Fantastic placements at elementary

level dressage horse test

Convincing victory for “Western Lady”

by Westernhagen and Anna-Sophie Fiebelkorn

in the division of four-year-old riding horses.




October 13, 2006
Elite Auction in Verden

"Westernhagen" proudly presents his daughter "Windelina"
A first-class dressage mare with outstanding basic gaits. One of the very popular horse of the collection. She descends from one of the best Hanoverian families (Brentano I and II, Wolkenstein I and II, Garibaldi I and II and Beauvalais). In 2002, she won a regional foal show. She has the same qualities than her sire Westernhagen, and apart from that, is always easy to handle and reliable.

Wenezia by Westernhagen sold at Euro 130,000
. New owner: The well-known auction customer Perry Thomas, United States.