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Royal Classic

by Royal Highness - Florestan I - Landadel -

Calypso II - Graphit - Gotthard
born in July  2006, Black, Stm. 169       Video


Royal Classic is a beautiful modern stallion with fantastic potential and movement. He has outstanding breeding with 3 complete generations of State Premium mares on both sides of his pedigree & a damline with 5 generations of State Premium mares who trace back to Hanover's flagship dynasty of Silbersage.

 Also incorporated in his pedigree are the World Class stallions Rubinstein, Donnerhall, Weltmeyer, Florestan & Landadel, guaranteeing high rideability.


30 Day Test Dressage Champion (Redefin)

Dressage score 8,49 with gait scores of:

Trot 8,25

Canter 8,88

Walk 8,00

Video Stallion Show


                                                                                                                               Royal Classic with Yvonne Reiser

Awards won by this damline include:                                                Royal Classic at Gestüt W M    MMMM.
Champion  Mare family  ( Siegerfamillie ) <Video


                                                     June 11, 2011

     Royal Classic qualified for the 2011 Federal Championships

           for five-year-old dressage horses with the score 8,4 .



Royal Classic was succesful  and placed at riding horse ability class with scores till 8,42


Full sister - Royal Lady,  Dam - St Pr First Lady & Granddam - St Pr Lady Larissa.

Louis Wiegels Show 2008 Elite Winning family. Tarmstedt 2003, 2004, 2008, 2009,Winning family ,     

Sire Royal Highness was Champion of his 30 day test . Champion of whole 4 yr old Hanoverian stallion.

Finalist at the World Championships for Young Horses in Verden in 2004.


There were 6 championfoals  by Royal Classic only in this area  and a lot of reserve -champion foals  by Royal Classic include the big foal show  in Verden and the expensiest filly "Remember me"  at the elite auction 2010.

Royal Highness Regazzoni Rubinstein I
St. Pr. Wakonda
St. Pr. Dorain DV Dream of Glory
St. Pr. Weltlady
St. Pr. First Lady Florestan I Fidelio
St. Pr. Raute
St. Pr. Lady Larissa Landadel
St. Pr. Caprice

His first foals..in 2010          Please look at the News for the new babies in 2011.....


Filly by Royal Classic x Rotspon
Champion at the foal show


Royal Classic x Rotspon


Colt by Royal Classic

x Prince Thatch


Royal Classic with Yvonne Reiser


  the first foals in 2011....


Filly by

Royal Classic x Falkland


Royal Classic x Falkland


already sold!


Colt by

Royal Classic x

Don Crusador


Colt by

Royal Classic x

Don Crusador

selected for the elite auction 2011



 2   foals  by Royal Classic already selected for the elite auction in Verden April  2011!



Eliteauction Verden 9. April 2011 -.... in the foal collection

with No. 109 "Royal Classic vdB"  und No. 156 " Rayban" there are two excellent colts by Royal Classic in the elite- collection.

Austeller: Nr. 109: Fam. Cooremans, Nr.156: Jost Klindworth








"Royal Classic vdB"

Kat.-Nr. 109



        Kat.-Nr. 156