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Lomitas by Landadel - Calypso II - Graphit - Gotthard
born in 1996, brown, stick measurement 1,73 m
Licensed for Hanover and Oldenburg


Frozen semen available



His damline is extremely successful: State premium mare Caprice's prepotency is simply exceptional: state premium mare Lady Larissa was awarded at the Louis-Wiegels-, Ratje-Niebuhr- and at the Federal Mare Show. She ranked third at the National Championships. She is the dam of Westernhagen (143 points for his show jumping skills at the stallion performance test), Limitless Girl successfully competes at advanced level show jumping competitions. Lamborghini Diabolo is the licensed winner of advanced level shows.





is a licensed stallion, trained up to Grand Prix-level and licensed for Hanover.





Lomitas' own successes are very impressive: At the age of five, 4th place at the Federal Championships - At the age of six, fifth place at the Federal Championships - At the age of five to seven, he was Hanover's most profitable show jumping horse - At the age of seven and eight, he won the Youngster Cup Finals in Paderborn, Balve, Leipzig and Erfurt - Winner of the Youngster Finals in Mannheim - International victories and placements in La Corona, Leipzig and Paris - First at the qualification for the Championships in Redefin and Aachen.
At the age of five to seven, Lomitas was the most successful Hanoverian horse at tournaments, and at the age of eight, he already caused sensations among experts. A completely exceptional pedigree and sensational show jumping skills guarantee success and capability of international quality! Two victories at the Youngster Tour and at the Aachen Finals in 2004.




Same damline:


350 ( Jubilee D'Ouilly, Olympic Sunrise)



The Hanoverian lineage 350 is responsible for excellent jumping and dressage horses and numerous licensed stallions.


  • Lomitas  ( v. Landadel)  int. showjumper with Toni Hassman, approved stallion  in Holstein and Oldenburg. 
  • Five Star I en II (v. Florestan I) approved stallion in Hannover
  • Royal Classic ( v. Royal Highness)approved stallion  in Hannover.
  • Hunter Douglas Sunrise ( v. Singular Joter ) Olympic dressage with Imke Bartels.
  • Frambeau (v. Werther) int. dressagehorse.
  • El Paso ( v. Escudo I ) int. showjumper 1.60 with Ludger Beerbaum
  • Jubilee D'Ouilly ( v. Palestro II ) int. showjumper  1.60  with Penelope Leprovost. 
  • Kronos D'Ouilly ( v. Uzelien) int. showjumper 1.60 with Michel Robert
  • Osiris D'Ouilly ( v. Quick Star ) int.showjumper 1.60 with Laura Kraut.
  • Wahre Liebe ( v. Werther)  Int. showjumper 1.60 with Hugo Simon
  • GGN Staufenberg (v. Stolzenberg ) approved stallion in Hannover.
  • Starpower ( v. Stakkato)gapproved stallion  in Hannover, Westfalen, Oldenburg.

Lady Larissa


 Lamborghini Diabolo


Limitless Girl