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SPS Windrose



SPS Windrose


SPS Windrose  & SPS Caprice

once upon a time...

 Caprice and her foal Larissa were hardly be topped by the gorgeous foal from Warkant out of Windrose, who gets 3 times 10 for trot!

(But they get the silver medal ;-)

Windrose descends from the famous foundation stock of Walter Lochte (Ohe). She won two regional mare shows in Beedenbostel. In 1992, she was awarded “Vice European Champion Mare” in Brussels. She won the gold medal with the German team. With Windrose, Ole Köhler won the European Championship title in the category “presentation of horses”. 


We always aim at mating the best mares out of the most valuable and successful damlines to the best stallions. However, we do not necessarily follow all trends, but we also prefer to focus our attention on established, successful stallions.


Horses from Windrose`s damline:

Benetton Dream                         Danny de Vito                          







Royal Rose