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SPS Mona Lisa






SPS Mona Lisa


   Mona & Daughters

With her daughters, state premium mare Mona Lisa by Matcho - Wenzel - Shogun won the title

„Elite Winning Family“ at the regional mare show in Sottrum in 2002 and 2004. Mona Lisa's dam, state premium mare Wennings, descends from the well-known foundation stock of Shoccolata .


State premium mare Mona Lisa achieved victories and high placements at riding horse ability classes, among them the fourth place at the National Championships in Hanover in 1997. She is an exemplary brood mare. With her first foal Winergy by Weltmeyer, she already proved her outstanding prepotency. Like Mona Lisa, Winergy won the regional show in Sottrum as well as various other divisions. She was also awarded at the Ratje-Niebuhr-Show. In her younger days, Mona Lisa already ranked among the best halfbred mares of the Hanoverian Association.


In 1994, Mona Lisa won a foal show. She was also the winner at the regional show in Sottrum in 1996 and 1997 as well as the winner of the mare show in Tarmstedt in 1998. She was the best of her age-group and first-class awarded at the Louis-Wiegels-Show in Sandbostel. At the Ratje-Niebuhr-Show in Verden, she ranked third (1c-award). She passed her mare performance test with a final score of 8,56 points.


Shocolata and her daughters by Wenzel won the title "Winning Family“ at the mare show in Verden. In 1990, she participated with her daughters Walencia and Wennings at the Federal Mare Show where they ranked third (1c-award). Mated to the Wenzel, Shocolata gave birth to two licensed stallions: “Westerceller” was the most expensive top-class Verden auction horse. Numerous other first-class auction horses followed. “Weltano” by Weltmeyer - Rubinstein (out of Wennings by Wenzel) was one of the most expensive horses of the November auction in 2000 and sold at DM 105.000,00.


horses from Mons damline.....





“Shocoman” qualified for the 2007 Federal Championships of five-year-old dressage horses
With a final score of 8,2, “Shocoman” by Schwarzenegger – Weltmeyer and Anna-Sophie Fiebelkorn qualified for the 2007 Federal Championships in Warendorf.



             by Florencio x Weltmeyer

        one of the Top Price auction horse




“State premium mare Winergy sold at the exceptional price of Euro 36.000,00”
Weltmeyer-offspring was the most expensive brood mare

At the elite auction of brood mares and foals in Verden, the black mare Winergy by Weltmeyer, mated to Royal Highness, attracted everybody’s attention. Winergy descends from our successfully competing show mare Mona Lisa. Her first-class, noble presentations convinced the buyers from all over the world and left nothing to be desired. England won the thrilling bidder’s duel and can now look forward with pleasure to this first-class brood mare, descending from a famous damline and mated to an excellent young dressage stallion (Royal Highness ranked sixth at the World Championship final in 2005).